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Today's economy is in a real slump with no sign of change. When banks go bust and GM starts laying off workers by the 1,000's and people are losing their homes you know the economy is going from bad to worse.

Even if you have a decent position, job security is fast becoming something of the past. At the slightest whim or downturn, you could be out looking in.

Then what?

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That's what happens when you depend on an employer. You give him all you have, but then your career, promotions and frankly your limited income is always decided by someone else! It doesn't have to be that way. Not when there is bona fide opportunity that you can start right now. And this is not just an ordinary opportunity. It's rare type - the one in a lifetime.

Some businesses seem to strengthen in times of recession. When the economy starts to slow, people start looking around for ways to cut back on expenses, and they give up the frivolous items in favor of the basics.

In bad times, there are always ways to thrive, if you are perceptive and agile. Never feel that because a recession is under way that there are no opportunities open to you.

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This next series of articles from open-mind-wealth is all about opportunities for surviving the recession and credit crunch. It contains articles on money making ideas, turning hobbies into money making opportunities, working from home, and starting your own business.

The articles provide information on what to look for how to start and what to choose for your best opportunity. The question is are you seeking to improve your wealth. We at open-mind-wealth Want You to Succeed.

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For more information why not take a look and download one of these free books'Emergency Cash' and 'Pursuing Wealth'

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Do you need extra income?

Do you want to work from home?

Do you want to be financially independent?

Do you want to beat the credit crunch and survive the recession?

Do you want to be free of debt?

Self-employment is the ticket to higher earnings without limit and the right to control and work your own schedule. But it's not easy work. A lot of self-employed people are working longer hours and weeks than ever in their own business.

The difference is they are doing work they truly enjoy, and are getting paid for it!

You have the talent and ability to work on your own! Perhaps you're just not sure what business you'd like to specialize in. That's where these articles can help!

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