Secrets of Fertility, What You Should Know---- and the Medical Profession Would Rather You Didn't


Secrets Whispered to a Doctor’s wife – who doesn’t care about upsetting “the profession” – explode infertility myths and reveal…… 

“Astonishing Fertility Secrets The Medical Profession Would Rather You Didn’t Know”

“You've wanted a baby your whole life –your body clock is ticking; you've picked out names, even thought about the right school… but in spite of everything, you're still not pregnant......  


tina richards
From: Tina Richards..

Sandbach, Cheshire, UK (Time)

Dear Friend,

Are you aware that in the vast majority of cases, fertility drugs and IVF treatment are unnecessary – what’s more………they could even hinder your chances of becoming pregnant?

Did you know there are certain natural, ancient and oriental techniques that can increase your chances of conceiving a baby by up to 3,000%?

Did you know that there’s a 79% chance your current lifestyle habits are making you infertile? It’s true.

And these are just a few of the intriguing (and often ignored) secrets revealed in the controversial new book I’d like to send you, called:

“Fertility Secrets”

I’m going to tell you more about the startling secrets this book contains but… before I do… I’d like you to do me a small favour.

It’s very simple.

All I want you to do is take a look at today’s date (the day you are reading this)… and then… fetch your diary and count 3 months into the future.

Make a note in your diary on that date (3 months from today). What I want you to write in that note is this:

“By this date I could be pregnant.”

Then I want you to flip forward 9 months from that note in your diary and, on this new date I want you to write:

“By this date I could be holding a healthy new baby.”

Why have I asked you to do this?

Once again, the answer is simple:

I’d like you to prepare for what is going to happen once you take possession of my groundbreaking new book:

“Fertility Secrets.”

Now I know you are probably extremely sceptical right now - but let me tell you how this book came about:

My name is Tina Richards and for many years I’ve been married to a doctor who has studied and practised complementary therapies as well as conventional western medicine. He also has a Ph.D. in Medical Research.

During our life together I’ve learned many fascinating things from following his career, ….but nothing as powerful as the facts I’m about to reveal to you now.

Like most wives I listen with half an ear to my husband’s musings at the end of the day, but what I heard him disclose last night not only made me sit up and take notice, but jolted me into action.

Let me try to paint the picture that his words conjured up in my mind:-

Just a few short years ago, two women met at a fertility clinic. Although their lifestyles were different, they had much in common. They were both happily married and ready to start a family – and, not unlike yourself – were keen to get pregnant FAST.

Then I imagined these two women meeting again several years later.

They were still very much alike; still happily married and seemingly in good health.

But there was a difference.

woman with child

One of the women had a beautiful three year old daughter and was expecting her second child……….the other was still struggling to get pregnant.

“Now why was that?” I asked my husband, “Two women similar in so many ways…. yet vitally different.”

What Made The Difference?” I Wanted to Know.

(I’m certain, like me, you’ve always wondered what makes some women so fertile while others, like yourself, struggle to get pregnant)

Well, my husband’s whispered explanation set me thinking for long after he had fallen asleep and then…… in a flash….. the answer was clear.

Is it just to do with age, fertility drugs, IVF or even a husband’s sperm count?


The answer lies in what each woman has learned about herself and how she uses that knowledge. It lies in her ability to take control of her own fertility by taking vitally important steps to prepare her body for conception, followed by a healthy pregnancy.

Now I began to get really excited…

Sleep was a million miles away, so I slid quietly out of bed, determined to note down all of these ideas while my husband’s words were still clear and vivid in my mind.

Why was I so excited?

Well for one thing, I knew that what he had told me would NEVER be heard by his patients.

And for another I was sure that millions of women could benefit from his whispered words…...words that could help to make their dreams come true if only they knew what to do and were able to grasp the opportunity to try these simple, yet powerful ways to get pregnant.

Now You Can Make Your Dream Come True


Think of your deepest desire to get pregnant right now: your yearning to hold a baby of your own in your arms. Now, thanks to my husband’s sleepy words, I can reveal the powerful secrets of how YOU too could take control of your body and make this dream come true.

Why should YOU believe what he says?

Let me try to explain.

It’s not just because he’s my husband that I can tell you how clever his ideas are … It’s MUCH MORE than that….

It’s the fact that people have travelled from the other side of the world to see him and be seen and treated by him. He has been invited by his colleagues to travel to Harley Street, America, France and Malta to learn and to share some of his own techniques.

That speaks for itself doesn’t it? But that’s not all…………………..

Because he is experienced in natural and western medicine and medical research, I am confident that the information I gleaned from him last night is the best and most comprehensive information you could EVER hope to hear.

Now I have carefully put all this information together in a book, so that no more time need be wasted in your effort to fulfill your dream. And…..

To help you even further I have added to it an amazingly easy to follow four week action plan to get things moving FAST

YES….my book not only reveals the greatest approaches to fertility, but it also gives you an initial step-by-step blueprint to make certain your body is in tip top condition, ready to nurture your pregnancy through to term.

And so that I don’t appear to be biased or feminist, I also divulge some little known secrets for you men to help make certain your sperm is as healthy and plentiful as it needs to be to impregnate your partner.

So let’s look a little more closely to what my book offers ---let me share some of my husband’s words with you right now.

He told me how ordinary people could overcome infertility without medical assistance.


It’s a fact … 1 in 6 couples seek advice when trying for a baby and 1 in 10 go on to assisted conception.

I was amazed when I realized that the techniques that my husband revealed to me have a far greater percentage success rate than IVF …and what’s more …the cost is minimal.

Forget the thousands of pounds you would have to scrape together for a course of treatment at an IVF Clinic --- clinics which I will show you have been exposed as a ‘rip off’ by a well known expert in the IVF field.

Yes it’s perfectly true, a famous Doctor seen many times on TV, accuses IVF clinics of having been………

“….corrupted by money and for exploiting women who are desperate to get pregnant.”

I learned from my husband that simple changes to everyday life can unlock the natural healing and reproductive power of the human body?

Your body is amazing.

It WANTS to be healthy and productive. But….

…..often our environment and our lifestyle upset the body’s natural balance rendering us temporarily infertile.

“So how can we correct this imbalance?” I demanded of my husband.

“Easy,” came the sleepy reply. “Just a few simple changes to everyday life can set the body’s natural and powerful healing power in motion”

Just a few simple changes: it’s as easy as that to make a start. The key factor to remember is that the body constantly strives to be healthy and we need to know how to work with it, instead of against it, as many women and men unknowingly do.

My husband revealed that many women are poisoning themselves.

I was ready to stand as a feminist against this idea until he explained that,

“Men can be just as guilty.”

We eat, drink and wear things that are loaded with toxins and toxins can seriously damage the delicate tissues of organs VITAL to baby making.

Well I’d heard about toxins but I wasn’t a 100% sure what they were, what they did, or how they got into our bodies. So I hurriedly wrote down my husband’s explanation before I had time to forget.

“And how do we rid our bodies of these nasties?” I demanded.

He explained carefully…………..

“It can’t be as easy as that,” I said But it is. And in my book I will explain it all to you, just as my husband explained it to me; a simple matter of de-tox.

De-tox isn’t painful

I always assumed that this was something celebrities did after binging too much and too often. It always sounded most unpleasant to me.

But actually it doesn’t have to mean weeks in a private clinic eating lettuce leaves and drinking herbal tea .

No, you can slip the de-tox habit so easily into your daily routine that you just won’t realize you are doing it. That is, until you suddenly discover how much better you feel as your body is released from the effect of the damaging toxins.

You’d Better Believe It…Oysters aren’t just an aphrodisiac

Old wives tale?

Well, no actually…... not according to my husband’s words.

I was amazed to learn just how important certain foods are to a healthy reproductive system.

I can now reveal to you exactly what you should and should NOT be eating.

How to alter your diet in order to give yourself the VERY best chance of becoming pregnant will be revealed to you.

Now don’t be alarmed, it‘s not going to be made up of extremely expensive foods half of which you’ve never heard of.

But it is an important issue… and in my book YOU can learn just how important it is..

I had no idea how much harm certain foods could cause and how much they limit our chances of becoming pregnant… foods that are found everywhere; in shops, cafés, restaurants; foods that can give a woman a 79% risk of infertility.

In my book I will expose these harmful foods once and for all.

Hidden stresses may be hampering fertility

Worrying about not getting pregnant could stop you getting pregnant.

There are so many stresses and strains in our lives, which most people accept as normal, and because we are unaware of what they are doing to our bodies and ultimately our chances of having a baby, we just carry on.

And you’re absolutely right …it does sound like a vicious circle...

…but how do we break it?

Exposing the sources of stress in my book and showing you how to deal with them effectively, means you can begin to take control of your health and well being and prepare your body for pregnancy.

Why do some doctors IGNORE the obvious answers to infertility problems?

There are some conditions causing infertility where conventional western medicine has no answer or treatment. Doctors will say that “there is nothing that can be done.”

But my book reveals that this is not always the case.

So WHY, in these cases, are some doctors ignoring positive alternatives presented by natural therapies?

Natural, slternatives that have proved MORE successful than IVF.

My husband told me the REAL, SHOCKING reason why this happens and what we can do about it… now in my book, I am going to let you into the shameful secret!

I genuinely and sincerely want to help other people.

You may be asking yourself why someone who conceived very easily and has two beautiful children is bothering to go to the trouble of writing this book.

Well, it’s because I had two wonderful babies and I adore children and have experienced …..

the pleasure


responsibility and

heartache ……………………. …they bring, that I genuinely FEEL for those of you who are…. ….struggling to start or increase your family.

baby in arms

I want you to experience what I have had….

The indescribable joy of holding a soft warm bundle in your arms, The awe of knowing that you have created another human being The overwhelming knowledge that you are responsible for this little person

I want that SO MUCH for you, that I cannot urge you strongly enough to take a look at the whispered words that I have carefully captured in this book.

Words that can …..

 Increase your chances of having a baby by up to 3000%

 Help to put YOU in control of your own body, making it fertile and ready to carry a healthy baby to term;

 Explain how this can be done simply and easily with just simple changes to your everyday life;

 Show you how to avoid paying $1000’s for IVF treatment which has less chance of success than the methods he describes.

Listen, my dear friends…..

I am so certain that when you buy a copy of this book … follow the easy action plan that has been created for you – and do exactly what it says - you will find yourself on the right track to achieving your dream.

In fact, I am so confident that you will agree, that I will offer you an ‘iron-clad’ guarantee.

Here it is. You may keep my book for a full 60 days and, after that time, if you are not totally happy with it, you may return it to me and I will refund your money… in full.

No questions asked No quibbles

Just 100% refund

You will not be one single penny out of pocket.

Well, I can already hear your question,

“OK Tina, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, but how much is it going to cost me if I decide to keep it?”

Well, certainly nothing like the amount you would have to find if you considered IVF


Remember…………. once you have this information you can work with it in your own time until you achieve your dream.

And if you’re so keen to make a start that I hear from you TODAY…. you can purchase a copy not for $33.97 But just…………….$23.97

Remember though, that reduced price of $23.97 is on the condition that I MUST hear back from you TODAY.

So don’t put it off. But hey … there’s nothing to think about anyway.

Remember I have offered you a FULL 60 day money back guarantee ……………

No questions; no quibbles, just a full refund if for any reason you decide not to keep the book.

Here’s how to get hold of this amazing book that could multiply your chances of having a baby by 3000%


credit cards

Oh I almost forgot… there’s one more thing………..

When you request your copy of “Fertility Secrets” I will also enclose TWO special gifts from me to you.

1. The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies

This is a MUST for every household. From the editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books,…. this is such a sought after publication that there are to date more than 12 million copies in print.

It’s almost a ‘health bible’, offering thousands of tips and techniques that anyone can use to heal everyday health problems.

Here’s just a tiny glimpse of the topics it covers:- Conception


Morning sickness


…and hundreds of others including….teething; nappy rash; colic; bed-wetting; thumb-sucking; chickenpox etc etc. The list of useful tips is almost endless,

And this fantastic publication is yours FREE when you order your copy of

“Fertility Secrets.”

And what’s more ……………….. …you may keep this gift for yourself even if you decide to return your book after 60 days.

AND that’s not all…..not only will I give you this wonderful The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies …

I am also anxious to give you an Exclusive Report which shockingly reveals for the Very First Time…..

“Two Simple Words that could Spell Disaster to ALL Your Pregnancy Efforts”

YES…especially written .for ALL those who are DESPERATE to get pregnant… as I know YOU are…(or you wouldn’t have made the commitment of time, money and energy to get this far)…

This report, bursting with more secrets I have gleaned from my husband, is waiting for you when you order my book.

Two great gifts absolutely FREE as a ‘Thank You’ for taking the time to look at my book.

It only remains for me to say that I wish you every success in achieving your dream. My very warmest regards,


Tina Richards

PS. You may be a bit sceptical about what you have just read. That’s totally understandable. But remember you have a full 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEEwhich means you are risking absolutely NOTHING by ordering this amazing book.

Do it NOW.

It will be the best investment you ever made towards making your dream a reality.

PPS. Even if you do decide that “Fertility Secrets “ is not for you, you can keep your free gifts

The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies I and II.
and Special Report:-

“Two Simple Words that could Spell Disaster to ALL Your Pregnancy Efforts”

with our compliments, just as a thank you for looking.


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