How to Apply Lipstick for Beautiful Looking Lips -Tips and Techniques

logo The wrong color lipstick, heavy lip liner and lips that have been “drawn on” are common make up mistakes that will ruin your overall look. Many women who are unsure of how to wear it skip a step totally leaving make up looking unbalanced.

lipsticks Perfect looking lips are attainable and begin with an ideal lip line. You can have lips that look like a makeup artist did them simply by following a few important steps.

pink lipstick

1. When applying foundation continue over the lips to provide a base for lip liner and lipstick.

2. Keeping your mouth-closed trace a fine line around the lips with a sharp pencil. A blunt pencil will make blending more difficult. Start at the v of the top lip and move outward to the corners by making short strokes (rest your hand on your chin for better control). After you have penciled in the top lip, begin from the middle of the bottom lip and move outward also. Follow the natural line.

3. To make lips look larger follow the outer edge of the natural lip line making sure not to go over the natural lip line. To make lips look smaller follow the inside of the natural lip line.

4. It will stay on longer if the whole lip is filled in with lip liner before it is applied. If you decide to use this technique, be aware that darker lip liner will darken the look of your lips. And, if you are going for a light look use a light lip liner.

lipstick brush

5. Now that lips are filled in, apply with a brush (using a lip brush will give you more control). When it has been applied, with lips closed, lay a tissue across both lips to blot.

You are ready to go, with perfect lips. Continue with touch ups during the day. If you are not used to wearing it, it will probably take awhile to get used to having your lips done and not “eating” it. The plus to having nice lips, aside from the obvious, is you will never be plagued with dry lips again and over time they become softer. That’s certainly reason enough to take care of your lips.

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