Golf Tips For Beating The Bunker

logo 'If there is a ball on the fringe and a ball in the bunker, your ball is in the bunker. If both balls are in the sand, yours is in the footprint'

When a golfer ends up in the sand trap, you can usually hear swearing all the way to the clubhouse. It's not that they are bad; it's just that they feel these obstacles can defeat them.

Golf Hazard

There are a few tips and here are a few that may help you .

This article refers to greenside sand traps rather than fairway sand traps and the club to use is a Sand Wedge and not a longer iron that maybe used on sand trap fairway shots.

Your first step is to imagine that this obstacle is not your worst enemy. If you think the bunker is your worst enemy, you will fear them and this will have an adverse effect on your game.

So next time you land in one, don't just give up, hit the ball, and hope. That will get you nowhere. You will just end up taking another shot; and the scorecard will increase with every shot you take.


Another important thing to keep in mind is your footing. Many people will simply allow their feet and legs to adjust to the sand. That is not the best thing to do; make the sand work for you by taking the time to establish your footing.

The next thing you should do is take a open stance and get relaxed. The ball position should be just inside the left heel. If you are comfortable on the tee, then why can't you be comfortable in the bunker?

After this, you will need to distribute your weight in a effective manner; usually more to the left-hand side is the best way to go when you are trapped in the sand.

Now practice your motion. When swinging the club, move the same distance backwards as you do forward. Learn it and remember it: the shot out of the sand will always be tricky.

You should now prepare for the shot, but remember to hit the sand roughly two inches before the ball. This creates a scoop effect that will allow the ball to be played out of the sand and onto the green

You should also accelerate through the ball. This allows for more power in the shot and will give the ball that little bit of extra distance towards the hole.

Always remember that the sand is your ally, not your enemy. Don't fear it and you will succeed.

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